Saturday, August 20, 2011

IDEA update!

ladies and gents, debaters all over Indonesia!

I proudly announce that English Debating Society Polsri gonna have our annual tournament on early of December this year, which is Intelligence in Disseminating and Encouraging Aspirations (IDEA) Debate 2011. this year's tourney gonna be a Sumatra Open *only for tertiary education student in Sumatra* debate where we gonna play on British Parliamentary system and also we gonna have N1 rule. the CA would be Mr Andi Maulana (EDS Polsri Alumni) and the DCAs would be Nurul Djannah (STBA Teknokrat Lampung), Desi Setianingrum (Unila) and Malisa Sudirman (EDS Polsri). everything reagarding the invitation and registration will be announced very very soon and you guys may check our blog for the updates.

for further info, you may contact this important person behind IDEA 2011 :
Covener : M Setyo Mulyono - 0852 7327 9578

or you may contact me at phone no 0852 7373 1659 or i also can be reached via email at or my twitter account @ichasudirman as i am the Head of External Affairs of this debating society. :)

Malisa Sudirman
Head of External Affairs EDS Polsri 2011-2012

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