National University English Debate Championship (NUEDC) 2011
  • Grandfinalist of Novice Break (Malisa Sudirman & M Syallaby)
  • 5th Best Speaker of Novice Break (Malisa Sudirman)

NUEDC Kopertis II Selection 2011
  • 2nd Runner Up (Malisa Sudirman & M Syallaby)

National Polytechnic English Debate Competition (NPEDC) 2011
  • 2nd Runner Up (Malisa Sudirman, M Syallaby & Andi Maulana)
  • 1st Best Speaker (Malisa Sudirman)
  • 2nd Best Speaker (M Syallaby & Andi Maulana)

Intelligence in Disseminating and Encouraging Aspirations (IDEA) 2010
  • Champion (M Syallaby, Tri Indah Sari & Andi Maulana)
  • 1st Best Speaker (Feri Mardiansyah)

 National University English Debate Championship (NUEDC) 2010
  • 1st Best Speaker EFL (M Fikri Rohim)
  • 2nd Best Speaker EFL (Alan Okta Kurnia Pratama)

 National Polytechnic English Debate Competition (NPEDC) 2010
  • Runner Up (M Syallaby, Feri Mardiansyah & Andi Maulana)

MINEC English Competition For South Sumatra College Students 2010
  • Champion (Alan Okta Kurnia Pratama & M Fikri Rohim)
  • Runner Up (M Syallaby & Andi Maulana)
 National Polytechnic English Debate Competition (NPEDC) 2009
  • 2nd Runner-Up (Alan Okta, Yana Desianti & M Fikri Rohim)